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The Citrus Forward Drinkable Gin

This Indiana distilled spirit is as unique as Brown County, where it was hand-crafted. Drop all your preconceptions about Gin. The lighter use of juniper and generous amount of fresh citrus creates a surprisingly refreshing Gin, like nothing you have tried before. Hard Truth Gin is an easy drinking gin by itself on shaved ice, or a great base to lay down with some Ginger beer. Try replacing a vodka soda with a Hard Truth Gin and soda for an exceptional taste, without the need for sugary mixers. Hard Truth Gin has really been shown to convert non-gin drinkers in just one sip.

2018 Bronze Medal Winner
From The American Distilling Institute

We are proud of our Distillers Bryan Smith and Cole Smith for bringing home a medal from Hard Truth’s first contest entry. As a relatively young Indiana distillery we were proud to travel all the way to Portland, OR to accept this award from such a prestigious organization like The American Distilling Institute.

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Hard Truth Vodka used for the base spirit

12 unique botanicals as well as Fresh Citrus is steeped in the base spirit

This is then run through the pot still an additional time to marry all of the botanical flavors

Proofed down using pure Brown County water

Bottled at 84 proof to retain the citrus notes

Packaged in 750ml bottles in 6 packs

Retail price - $27.99

6 BOTTLES FOR $.21.99 EA


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