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Agave Spirit

To make the Hard Truth Agave Spirit, our distillers sourced the highest quality, non-GMO certified, 100% blue agave nectar to ferment.
During the fermentation process, floral, earthy notes developed in the spirit’s flavor, and it was distilled at a low proof to retain the full character.
Distillers aged the resulting liquid in used whiskey barrels for just under a year and finished it on French oak staves.
The final, non-chill filtered product is 86 proof and offers a delicate, sweet fruit flavor with subtle mocha notes.

History in a Bottle
Hard Truth’s limited-release, aged agave spirits not only made a tasty addition to the Hard Truth line-up, but they also helped Hard Truth make Indiana history.
According to records from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Hard Truth was the first Indiana distillery to ferment, distill and sell agave spirits.
This agave spirit was also the first aged product to come from Hard Truth.
The product aged for the better part of a year, and distillers prepared and released the first batch — 100 bottles in total — in November 2017. Each bottle was hand-numbered and signed by Hard Truth distillers Bryan Smith and Cole Smith.
A few bottles from that first batch remain and are only available in the Hard Truth tasting room in Nashville’s Big Woods Village.
Whether it’s for your own collection or a gift for someone special, become a part of Indiana craft spirits history and buy yours today.


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